The kids and I have made goals for National Novel Writing Month which fit with our various skill levels and time constraints. We also chose to do stories which fit a theme. They chose Minecraft. I, DD, will be writing a story in three parts about a cosplayer sucked into the Pocket Edition on his phone. DK, 9 years old, will be doing a story in three parts about a RPG that he has had on his mind. LC, 5 years old, will be drawing a picture book in three parts about her imaginary animal, a hono, saving the world.

We will be uploading each part on Fridays and you can catch up with the posts by clicking on the NaNoWriMo category. Instead of making three new posts each week, I will just be editing the story posts to include the new material. That way you don’t have my parts interrupting your scroll through DK’s story.